Best BBCOR Bats 2018

When it comes to maximizing the performance and pushing your skills to the next level, nothing can compare to the newest designs on the market. The Best BBCOR Bats are thus often times the ones which feel best for you and this can also mean that they need to come with a good feel and the best, a good sweet spot and great maneuverability.

What to look for in a BBCOR bat?

This raises the question of what to look for in a BBCOR bat? There are a few main characteristics which all major manufacturers try to improve with new bats. This is why it will be important to find the best solution for yourself, but at the same time, to find the solution which is up to date with the latest requirements on the market.


Composite, alloy and wooden bats are still largely available on the market. Different types of compositions are also making their way among players. The truth is that the best bats will usually maximize the performance regardless of the material choice. This means that you should not be held back in performance by the material and you should be able to develop your skills to a level which can allow you to see the strengths and weaknesses of these materials. This might not be easy to achieve but the best news is that premium design usually come with detailed testing charts, so at the very least, you know what can be achieved with the bats. Of course, these top performances advertised by the manufacturer will be obviously under ideal circumstances. Thus, you may not be able to constantly reach those performances but you will be able to get close enough.


The debate on the design of the bats seems to be constant and actually evolving. It will not be able to find BBCOR certified designs with both a one-piece and a two-piece approach. Again, if you are just starting out, this will be difficult to assess as you will struggle to find the best solution for your needs without having the necessary skill base to determine the performance of the bats. Thus, you will be in the position where you will need to maximize the performance of the bat you choose, before switching to another design. At the same time, due to price point, not many new players will start with a BBCOR bat. This is why it is important to understand the dynamics of the performance, of a good balance, of the required sweet spot etc. Only when you master these areas you will be truly able to assess the difference between bats. In many situations, the design might not be even worse or better as every manufacturer has personal technologies which will simply make the bats different.

Patented Technologies

This brings you to the point of patented technologies. Since many of the large manufacturers have the financial strength to search and develop new or improved bats, they will also prove to be the ones registering a patent for these technologies. Thus, you will be in the situation where it might prove difficult to assess if a certain patent might be worth the investment. This brings in the issue of uniqueness as you will not be able to see the same design on another bat, unless it would be a lower end copy. Thus, if you see a technology you like which is patented by the manufacturer, such as the Axe handle on the Origin, you will need to purchase that bat as there will be no other chances of seeing the same technology with your manufacturer or other brands.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the barrel is constantly seeing changes with every new release. Maximizing this sweet spot will prove to be a true challenge as there is a technological limit to what can be achieved. Thus, it will prove to be very important to find the best solution in terms of the sweet spot. If you are looking for better forgiveness, a larger sweet spot might come in handy, especially with the newer releases since they all offer this characteristic or upgrade. If you want the precision and control of a professional, this will become less of an issue. Furthermore, it can be one of those situations where you will be stuck between choosing the bat which you need at the moment or what it can offer in the future.


This raises the issue of durability. Since many of these patented technologies are new, it is truly hard to estimate their durability beyond what the manufacturer is stating. Thus, you will need to see if you will need the bat in the following years as well and if the chosen materials and design can make this possible. Practically, you will be in the position where you will need a good performance regardless of the durability at the moment. But when you transition from college level from example, you will certainly need to go a step above to further your horizons in the game. For example, the new Zen series from Demarini sees a considerable upgrade for its composite material. Thus, with a 22% stronger material, it will prove to be one of the best solutions when you need to look for a major improvement in durability and in performance.


The issue of brand is very important, especially at college level where egos run high. This is why you will need to decide if you are going to play with a particular brand or if you simply want the best solution on the market. Usually, when you decide on the brand, you might go with one of the biggest names in the industry such as Demarini or Easton. But you might even end up losing great designs and approaches from manufacturers such as Axe which are very close in terms of quality. This is why it will prove so important to find the right solution regardless of the brand. It should be a solution which is catered to your style in terms of design, materials and balance more than a choice of a logo. This is why it is always worth to see which the best options are with some of the large manufacturers and with some of the smaller ones as well. Here are the top 5 choices to consider:

Top 5 BBCOR Bats

Demarini CF Zen Balanced

Demarini’s CF Zen Balanced comes with a selection of options which range from 30 to 34 inches. Dominated by the 3Fusion technology, the bat will come with a modern and innovative approach with plenty of focus on the handle and on the end cap. With a stronger composite upgrade, the bat will prove to be one of the main options when looking to improve the overall performance and even the durability of your BBCOR bat.


  • 3Fusion technology
  • 22% stronger composite
  • Rok Knob


  • Limited size options

The bat represents the new approach from Demarini which can actually bring in some upgrading users as well.

This is why it will prove to be one of the options made for the ultimate performance as it will prove to be the best model in the series so far. The 3Fusion technology will prove to be one of the best patented technologies on the list and with the improved composite material, the bat will represent one of the top choices on the list.

Easton Ghost X -3 2018 BBCOR Baseball Bat BB18GX

Easton has always been highly respected in the industry. The bat which comes with the Exact advanced carbon technology can represent one of the interesting options when it comes to choosing a design which is made for performance. With an extended barrel, the performance of the bat will also be improved and this is why the latest Ghost X bat can be such a great choice.


  • BBCOR certified
  • Extended barrel design
  • Connexxion+ two piece


  • 1-year warranty

If you are looking for a two piece deisgn, the bat can be one of the recommended options. It will come with an extended barrel which will mean that the sweet spot will also be increased for better overall performance. The BBCOR bat will thus come with a modern design made for the ultimate performance and the best part is that you will have a large selection available.

Thus, you will be able to choose a length between 24 and 34 inches which makes it a strong option for all types of players.

Axe 2018 Element BBCOR Baseball Bat – L137F

With good innovation the Axe 2018 ELEMENT BBCOR Baseball Bat – L137F will prove to be one of the recommended options and one of the alternative solutions to the bigger brands on the list. The bat features the new Axe Handle design and with an upgraded barrel made for a great pop and good durability, the bat will prove to be a tempting option.


  • BBCOR certified
  • Axe Handle technology
  • Engineered hitting zone
  • Aerodynamic end cap


  • Limited between 31 and 34 inches

The bat represents one of the interesting options when it comes to affordability with a modern design. Its main characteristics will include the new Axe Handle technology. This will considerably improve the biomechanics of your swing and can be one of the recommended options when it comes to better control. This will work closely with the new aerodynamic cap which is part of the Hyperwhip end cap technology.

Louisville Slugger 2018 Vapor BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Louisville Slugger 2018 Vapor BBCOR Baseball Bat comes with a one-piece design which recommends it among the most interesting options for the purest feel. The bat will come as one of the most affordable options on the list and this is why it can be considered a great choice for the new players.


  • -3 drop
  • 1-piece design
  • 2 5/8” barrel diameter


  • Limited between 30 and 34”

The alloy design of the bat recommends it among the most versatile options on the list. Within the affordable range, it can be the option you need for the one-piece design. Even more, it will prove to be one of the recommended options when it comes to a top performance between 30 and 34”.

The 7-series alloy will prove to be a great option when it comes to durability and performance.

Demarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Demarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat represents one of the highly performing options from the manufacturer. With a -3 drop, it will come with a balanced approach which recommends it in a number of situations. Furthermore, it will also work as one of the solutions featuring Demarini’s 3Fusion System.


  • 3Fusion System
  • X14 alloy
  • Rck Knob


  • Limited between 31 and 33”

The bat represents one of the most interesting X14 alloy options as it comes with some popular technologies from Demarini such as the 3Fusion system. This will prove to be an interesting option even when it comes to redirecting the energy back into the barrel, thus reducing vibrations towards the handle. With an ergonomic knob, it will prove to be one of the top options to choose from.

Which BBCOR Bat to Choose?

While all of the above bats come with an impressive performance, there is little doubt that the Demarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat (CHECK PRICE HERE) represents a top option for many players. It will feature some of the most advanced technologies from the manufacturer and many of them have been also included in various forms across the 2018 series. The bat represents a solid option and when you consider that it comes with a 22% stronger composite, it will represent a good option even for players looking to upgrade. Thus, it will be one of the bats made for top performance which comes with impressive upgrades and which can also represent a good option in terms of durability with its impactful composite redesign and better weight distribution.  We hope you enjoyed our BBCOR Bats Reviews.

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