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Choosing the Best Baseball Gloves should be one of the defining moments of your passion. However, many people can get confused by the multitude of options you can choose from and this is why it is important to decide which characteristics appeal to you the most. Based on these characteristics you will then proceed to choose your favorite design. This being said there are a few things to look for in the best glove.

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Top characteristics in baseball gloves

Baseball gloves can be hard to analyze by the new user as they all seem to come with similar characteristics at a first glance. However, it will be one of the situations where you will want to ensure you take your time to analyze the best options for yourself. The good news is that there are a few manufacturers which come with their own identity, much as with the rest of the baseball equipment. Here are the top characteristics to consider:

Center pocket

The center pocket can be very important when it comes to the performance of the glove. While there are plenty of plain designs on the market, many manufacturers have started to create dedicated pockets which will improve the way the glove reacts with the ball. Thus, the main purpose of the glove will be to easily catch the ball and easily release it when needed.

This is why many manufacturers even recommend players to store the glove much like when in a holding position on your hand. This can be done with a simple cord to hold all the fingers of the glove together. This will create that pocket you need for the ultimate performance. It is also worth noting that the center pocket might not come with the ultimate performance from the beginning. This is why you will need to consider that a few hours of play might be required for break-in, especially with thicker materials.

The center pocket is also intensely studied by the manufacturers to offer a clearer perspective on the way it reacts and most importantly, on the ways in which it can be improved. In many situations, the design has already reached its maximum capacity and it will a matter of material choices or combinations that could come with small improvements.


The laces play an important role in the overall structure of the glove. Most gloves come with strong laces and this is why they have been known to resist well in time. However, there are plenty of options which also offer a softer lace design. This, in theory, should improve the overall feel and performance of the glove. In reality, this will actually divide the opinions. Thus, some players will prefer the softer feel while others will prefer the stiffer feel. It will be up to you to decide which type of laces will work best for you. As with most natural material laces, you will have to take into consideration that they will start to give in time.

best baseball gloveMaterial

The chosen materials play a very important role in the overall structure of the gloves. You will find all types of materials on the market, some of which will even come with various combinations.

Synthetic materials are easy to produce and they can also come with a lower price. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily lower in quality but it means that they can be more affordable and at the same time, a better option for the new players. If you want your kids to play baseball, one of the gloves will prove to be the perfect start before they decide if they like the game or not.

Natural material choices such as leather will come with a higher cost. At the same time, they will be among the best options for dedicated players. As a proof of this, there are many communities dedicated to natural gloves which discuss the break-in period for certain materials as well as durability and maintenance issues. As you may expect, leather materials will also need some extra care. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your leather glove will last for a long period of time is to avoid storing it in a place with high humidity, such as close to a bathroom. It may also be a good idea to avoid cleaning them with water as they might get damaged from the moisture. Leather gloves are also not to be stored in direct sunlight as they might get damaged from the extra heat. The best place to store them is always in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Hand Orientation

Hand orientation is one of the characteristics which you will need to take into consideration. There is not much you can do in this perspective. This is why you will need to make sure you purchase the right solution for your hand. Making the selection right from the beginning is a required step in the purchasing process as the gloves cannot be changed from one hand to the other.


Durability will be one of the characteristics which is most influenced by other conditions. Playing your glove often and in difficult weather conditions such as in the rain may result in quicker damages. At the same time, playing rarely is not a guarantee of durability. This is why you will need to assess your situations and find the best solution for your playing frequency and style. If you plan to push your skills to the limit and evolve in the game as quickly as possible, it might be thus worth investing in a top quality glove which will come with the best materials and the most durable design. If you plan to play for leisure and just occasionally, making such a purchase is not necessary. This is why even a basic glove can work in this situation.

Reinforced Design

There are many designs to choose from on today’s market. Some gloves come with great durability while others only offer minimal quality. This is why you will see that some areas of the gloves come with some material reinforcing or double stitching. This will be often time advertised by the manufacturer as it will certainly add to the degree of durability and at the same time, it will work to your advantage with a better overall performance. Reinforced design should not cover the entire glove, but it should focus on the high impact and high friction areas. This is why it might be worth keeping an eye on these reinforcements as they will certainly be an indication of better performance and better durability.  So which designs can you choose from?

baseball glove reviewFranklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch Baseball Glove

The Franklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch Baseball Glove is one of the most popular options to choose from. With a popular design and a good performance, the gloves represent the most affordable option on the list. They will come with a basic synthetic leather material which will prove to be less sensitive to certain conditions.


  • Popular design
  • Affordable option
  • Upgraded center pocket


  • Not best for performance

The glove comes in right and left hand throw options. You will be able to choose the perfect size between 12 and 14”.

Most importantly, the glove will represent one of the interesting options for synthetic materials. At the same time, its design has already prove to be popular with the younger players.

baseball gloves reviewsWilson A360 Baseball Glove

The Wilson A360 Baseball Glove represents an affordable option which performs well from one of the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. Wilson has created a glove which uses a combination of natural and synthetic leather which performs well in all positions and this is why it can be recommended even for the skilled players.


  • Easy to break-in
  • Combinations of materials
  • Right and left hand throw


  • Only for 12”

The glove represents an affordable option from Wilson but this doesn’t mean that it has to come with a lower performance.

It will prove to be a good overall performer, especially when you consider that it uses a combination of materials. Even more, it will prove to be one of the gloves which is made for a good overall performance and which can serve you even for intense use.

top rated baseball glovesRawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series comes in a varied range of sizes and is dominated by a large center pocket. This will make it a good option for the new players, looking for a certain degree of forgiveness. The leather construction of the glove means that it will come with a higher price, but its performance will match the expectations.


  • Large center pocket design
  • Thickest leather in the list
  • Durable design


  • Limited color options

The glove represents one of the most interesting options if you are looking for thick leather. Since the material will be so stiff, you will expect a larger center pocket which may also work for the new players looking to improve their skills.

At the same time, the thick leather will certainly appeal to older players and can thus represent an interesting option for them as well.

top baseball glove reviewsMizuno GMVP1154SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves

The Mizuno GMVP1154SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves is made for the ultimate performance with an affordable price. This means that the glove will work among the best options when it comes to choosing a design with a good center pocket and an instant break-in.


  • Modern design
  • Focused on the center pocket
  • Bio soft leather
  • Soft palm liner


  • Padding could be thicker

The glove represents one of the most maneuverable options on the list. Since the manufacturer is known for the highest attention to detail, it has produced one of the most interesting designs on the list. The center pocket is now considerable improve with the break-in just below the index finger. The laces will also prove to be of very high quality. The soft palm liner will be dominated by the bio leather which is at professional level. Thus, in terms of oil and feel, it will prove to be an excellent material choice from the manufacturer.

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

The Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove represents one of the most interesting options when it comes to a performance which stands out. Its design recommends it as one of the best options for youth level. The power lock closure will also ensure that the glove will be easy to fit in a secured way on your hand.


  • Distinct design
  • Power lock closure
  • Left and right hand throw
  • Heel Flex technology for added flexibility


  • Only for youth level

The glove represents one of the most interesting options when it comes to closure response. Thus, with the V-Flex Notch, it will prove to be one of the best solutions for a quick close. This can only be possible with good flexibility and this is where the Heel Flex technology comes into place to offer the best responsiveness.

Which glove to choose?

When it comes to making a final decision of the Best Baseball Glove, you will see that all of these gloves are unique. They have their own approach to material choice and to parts of the design on which to focus. This is why it will prove to be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make.

If you are unsure which glove to choose and want to avoid disappointment, the Mizuno GMVP1154SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves (check best price here) will prove to be the right option. Although the glove only comes with 5 color patterns, the attention to detail from Mizuno makes them a top option for all types of players. With an easy break-in and a redesigned center pocket, the glove comes with a thinner cushioning which will add to the feeling of control. The bio leather will also prove to be as good as the best alternatives on the market.

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