Best Baseball Glove Under $100 for 2018

Choosing the Best Baseball Glove Under 100 will prove to be one of the most exciting purchases as a player. The good news is that there are hundreds of good options on the market and you will be looking towards a difficult decision. In many cases, this decision can be actually subjective. It can be influenced by a certain brand but it can also be influenced by design or even color patterns.

The truth is that players can make a decision based on what they feel is best for them. However, there are a few characteristics which will be at the base of any good purchase. This characteristic might include the durability, the playability or even the chosen materials.

Since there are so many options to choose from, the risk of choosing a glove which is not up to standard will also be higher. The good news is that you will always have the ability to look for a similar design on the market. And if you don’t find a design which you like, you will always have the possibility of looking towards another manufacturer, as even the smaller brands can offer some interesting perspectives which might be just as good as the most popular options.

Top Characteristics of a Baseball Glove

When it comes to choosing the best baseball glove, you will certainly have your own preference. If they also come with the design and playability you need, then you will have a good purchase. This is why it will actually prove important to work with a design which can offer you good results, which is comfortable to use and which will not be outdated soon by the next release from the manufacturer.


When it comes to the best materials, you might have your own preferences. As you might already know, there are some good options to choose from made with synthetic leather. There are some other top choices which come with real leather materials and then you have the gloves made with a combination of materials. You will also notice that the best gloves come with thicker materials, especially in the high impact areas. This means that you will get to see a glove which uses a combination of materials and a design which is made to last. The best news it that you will thus be able to work with materials which are made for good performance and which also place an emphasis on the overall reaction of the certain materials in certain conditions, such as moisture.


When it comes to design, there is little room for innovation with every new release. Furthermore, many new design approaches might fail to make a true impact among players. However, some design characteristics which are made to improve the overall playability and even the durability of the glove are worth considering. The laces and even the design of the pocket will need some special attention. The good news is that most manufacturers come with an individual approach when it comes to these designs and you will be able to choose between different options which might not even come with a significant difference in terms of feel, but they might come with a difference in terms of durability.


The durability of a baseball glove is influenced by many factors. The way you use it, the way you store it and even the conditions in which you play will all have a role in the overall durability of a baseball glove. You will see that they are, often times, made for the average conditions and with minimal care, they might even last for years. Furthermore, you will want to see the gloves perform well in time as they will come with break-in and they might even prove to be better for overall handling. This is why having durable materials will actually prove important.


The comfort of the glove might be influenced by factors such as size, materials, temperature and the way you store it. For example, on hot sunny days, you will be more likely to feel mild discomfort with the glove. Furthermore, if you keep them in a room with damp you may even see them developing all types of bacteria. This is why you will see that comfort might change in time. As with all baseball purchases, you will need to ensure you get the most out of your initial comfort and try to maintain similar levels of comfort after the break-in.

This is why you will need to keep your glove away from the rays of the sun when not in use, especially when it comes with real leather. Furthermore, it will be important to keep your glove in an area which has good ventilation and which is away from moist. This is when you’ll see that the comfort of the glove will influence your performance during the game as well. The more comfortable the glove will be, the more you will concentrate on the game without thinking about the equipment as much.

The comfort of the glove will also be influenced by certain materials. Thus, if you are allergic to some types of synthetic materials, you should try to avoid them in your glove choice. In this situation, you can look for good substitutes which will allow you to play the game under the right conditions. When it comes to choosing the best glove, you will have some good options from many manufacturers. Here are the best baseball gloves to choose from:


Top 5 Baseball Gloves Under $100

Mizuno GFN1100B1 Franchise Baseball Infield Glove

The Mizuno GFN1100B1 Franchise Right Handed Throw Baseball Infield Glove will be one of the recommended options if you are looking for a design based on Java leather. The glove will be one of the interesting options which come pre-oiled. You will thus be able to use it straight away. The glove comes with a full laced design which recommends it for durability as well.


  • Java leather
  • ParaShock palm
  • Hi-Low lacing


  • Only 3 sizes available

The glove represents one of the interesting options when it comes to long-term performance. While it will not be the top option on the market, it will prove to be a good option for the average player. Furthermore, it will prove to be one of the comfortable options as it comes with Mizuno’s famous ParaShock palm design.

Wilson A0200 New York Yankees Baseball Gloves

With a distinct look, the Wilson A0200 New York Yankees Baseball Gloves represent a solid option within the budget. The glove will prove to be one of the options which are made for the 10 inch size. With a distinct New York Yankees branding, it will prove to be good options for all positions and it will certainly stand out from the rest of the options.


  • Durable design
  • Durable lacing
  • New York Yankees branding


  • Only one size

If you are looking for a good youth option, the glove will prove to be one of the most interesting options when it comes to looks. Wilson has also created a durable glove which proves to be one of the best options when it comes to playing in any position.

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series

The Rawlings Renegade Glove Series represents one of the solid options on the market. It will come with a full grain leather design which will recommend it among the durable options on the market. Furthermore, it will prove to be one of the interesting options when it comes to break-in an durability.


  • 20% player break-in
  • Full grain leather
  • Multiple sizes


  • No color options

The glove represents one of the best performers since it comes with a snug and secure pocket. Its all-black design will also make it a low-profile option. In terms of manufacturing, it will prove to be a durable option since it is made with full-grain leather. Furthermore, the glove comes with 80% factory break-in and 20% player break-in which will mean that it will be ready to be used at the best form in a short period of time.

Easton Mako Outfielder’s Pattern Comp Series Glove

Easton is one of the most respect brands in the game. It provides quality equipment and the Easton Mako Outfielder’s Pattern Comp Series Glove is no different. The glove comes with designs for both the right and the left-handed players. It will also be one of the few designs which are made with 2-finger welting. In theory, this should provide better finger articulation and an improved comfort.


  • 2-finger welting
  • Super-soft finger lining
  • Full leather


  • Requires up to two weeks for break-in

The glove represents the comfortable option which many players are looking for. With the distinct two-finger welting, it will prove to be a good option in terms of control and natural finger articulation. Since it comes with thick materials, you will need to play it up to two weeks for break-in.

Easton Core Pro Glove

The Easton Core Pro Glove comes as the professional-inspired design on the list. It comes with a durable leather design which recommends it among the best performers on the market. The glove went through a special tanning process which makes the leather super soft and which also recommends it as the comfortable option which players need, especially during the long training sessions. With strong laces, it will also prove to be a good choice for durability purposes as well.


  • Super-soft comfortable feel
  • 100lbs tensile strength on the laces
  • Professional pattern


  • Can take a few weeks to break-in

The glove thus represents a comfortable and durable option for many types of players. It will come with strong laces which come with a tensile strength of 100lbs. The soft feel of the glove comes with the special USA tanning process which makes it easier to handle and gives it the comfortable feel as well.


When it comes to finding the Best Baseball Glove Under $100, there are many options to choose from. This is why you will want a design which is made for good performance but which also feels good on the hand. This is why most gloves come with interesting designs and materials as seen above. Manufacturers such as Mizuno, Easton and Wilson come with their own approaches when it comes to the best performance and the maximum durability.

Many of the gloves in this category will come with a minimal break-in period. The main difference will be on how they perform after that and this is why the Easton Core Pro Glove (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) represents the best option when it comes to the best performance. Furthermore, the glove will be one of the best options in the category in terms of comfort. Although many users have raised the issue of break-in, the glove will not come with a considerably longer curve than the alternatives from this perspective. This is why it might be even worth considering it among the best options in terms of break-in as after a couple of weeks you will be able to fully enjoy its comfortable design.

The glove also comes inspired from the professional options and this can be seen with its durability and materials. For example, the outer lacing will come as a durable option which is ready for most situations. It will be able to equate to 100lbs tensile strength which will make it one of the best options for lacing strength. With a deep pocket which resembles more expensive options, the glove will prove to be a solid performer for all players.

Thus, choosing the best baseball glove will become less complicated when you know you have the right options to choose from. In the end, it will also depend on your preferences since they will set the right base for the best glove and given that you are able to find some good design with materials which are both comfortable and durable, there is no reason not to choose the suitable option for you.

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